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School Science Project : How to make a Hydraulic Lift

School Science Project : How to make a Hydraulic Lift

The Hydraulic Lift : Video
Working Principle

Hydraulic Lift works on the principle of Pascal’s Law.

Pascal’s law states that if any force is applied to any point of a confined fluid, then the pressure is transmitted undiminished and equally through out the liquid.

Materials Required

Following materials are required to make this project.
1. One plywood base (strong material to support the lift)
2. 2 medical syringes of 10 ml
3. 2 medical syringes of 20 ml
4. Two wooden bars to support the 10 ml syringes
5. Connecting tubes of sufficient lengths to connect the syringes
6. Glue (Glue gun or Fevicol)
7. 2 small cardboard to work as the lift (attached at the base of 10 ml syringes


Published on September 26th, 2019 | by Abhishek Mandal

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