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Vernier Calipers : Measuring Small Lengths

, , Thursday
We know that a metre rule can be used to measure length correct only up to 1 mm. It means it cannot measure lengths which needs measurement like 1.1 mm or 1.2 mm etc. Pierre Vernier designed the device to measure lengths such as these. This device is known as

Revision NEET and JEE Main 2020 | Physics – Magnetic Effect of Current Part 1

, , Friday

Magnetic Effect of Electric current has always played an important part of the JEE Main and NEET question paper every year. Therefore, a quick revision of its underlying concepts becomes necessary for every aspirant. Let us have a look on a summary provided by Ezucation – an emerging institute of education.

Concept Building : Introduction to Genetics

notes by

Prakash Nandi

, , Monday
1. How different characteristics among members of a species varies? 2. How these characteristics transmitted from one generation to the next? 3. Why offspring of same parent are not exactly same but obviously have few similarities? Such endless questions can be explained and solved by genetics. The search for answers

Daily Practice Problem Sheet : Heat Transfer | Target JEE Advanced 2020

, , Sunday

Heat and Thermodynamics has been one of the most important and score-able portion of JEE Advanced in recent years. The weight-age of the chapter for the exam is significant. However, as in recent years it has not been touched the most, we expect it to have a pivotal role in defining the Physics paper this year.

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